Strand on the Green Sailing ClubRace Results First Race – 12th March 2017
Course: A; OD:John Bull; Safety Boat:Ian Nethersell, with David Jones
Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

av. Lap
Porpoise J Armitage 21408 Ent 1115 61 56 7 7.935 1
Phoebe R Adams 174570 Laser 1091 63 33 7 8.321 2
Pacman L Kolobov 2192 Gull 1363 63 37 5 9.335 3
Ho Ho Ho C Greenwood 22030 Ent 1115 63 32 6 9.497 4
Big Polly H Brown 20923 Ent 1115 63 48 6 9.537 5
Axolotl T Young 2919 Gull 1363 63 48 4 11.702 6

Race report

The First Race, light rain with little wind could not dissuade six boats from attempting a tricky “A” course. The wind strength being force 1 from the NW suggested a short “A” course with three buoys starting at the Bell and Crown, the Grid and incorporating the rowing buoy on the Surrey Bank. Ian Nethersell and Dave Jones in the safety boat set the course accordingly.
The race started at 13.20, with all dinghies getting away without problems.
James, sailing on his own, edged ahead of the fleet with Rob close behind, followed by Henry and Chris and Lev and Tim bringing up the rear in their Gulls. This pattern continued throughout the race with James and Rob eventually lapping everyone. James and Rob both lapping at 7.5 – 8.0 minutes with Rob threatening on occasions to catch James and overtake. Meanwhile, Henry and Chris in their Enterprises continued to jostle for third place, swapping places at various stages of the race. At the second lap buoy they were inseparable at 17.01. They continued to jostle throughout the race and eventually lapped Lev and Tim in their respective Gulls. Lev consistently sailed steadily round the course with little problem, difficult in a small boat in the light wind and spring tide.
Tim proudly sailed his magnificent new Gull “Axolotl” following Lev around the course. Tim showed some bursts of speed as he mastered the feel of his new boat, but was unfortunately swept past the rowing buoy on the second lap. However, he skilfully re-rounded the rowing buoy and continued without losing too much time. Lev gradually increased his lead over Tim and finally lapped Tim.
During the last two laps the wind dropped further and the tide strengthened sending the dinghies closer into the Strand bank. The race slowed and produced a final lap where all the boats were arriving at the final buoy together, albeit on different laps.
A very exciting finish with James finishing ahead of Rob after seven laps on 61.56. Chris and Henry finished third and fourth barely 16 seconds apart after six laps, Lev and Tim finishing after five and four laps respectively.
On returning to the new look arch, Dave had prepared a very welcome first race drink of Hot Rum and Blackcurrant and John provided the biscuits. Much appreciated by all.
A very enjoyable and successful start to the 2017 season.