With a gentle breeze forecast and three competitors, the race promised well and was in the event quite exciting. Lucy crewed by Rob in the Collingwood’s Enterprise, Mary (Short) crewed by James in the Armitage Enterprise, and Catherine crewed by Alex in his lugsail-rigged former International 14 all made an orderly start on the triangular A course. Before the race there was sunshine and a steady westerly force 2 wind, but soon after a mass of nimbus arrived, with squalls and a heavy shower. All three helms found it difficult to keep control, and Catherine retired after two laps and Lucy after three. Mary led from the start and battled on, wearing round rather than gybing in the worst of the gusts, and was given the finishing whistle after four laps and 23 minutes to win.

Thanks to Tim (Young) in the safety boat, who laid the course, kept a watchful eye on race management, and supported the hard-pressed crews.

Nick Floyer OOD