A windy morning, which saw just two dinghies, Ian’s Gull and Alex’s boat, in a face off.  Ian’s almost capsized off the ramp as a gust came up just as she was getting in the water.  They quickly tacked down to the start where the 6 minute warning was reduced to a 1 minute warning, with 10 second reminders and a countdown from 5.

Alex got off to a good start and maintained his lead around the top marker, which both boats turned in under 3 minutes.   Ian stayed on Alex’s tail and, with the bottom marker just 20 yds away, caught up just enough to set a collision course with Alex’s boat.

Alex had right of way, being on a starboard tack vs. Ian’s on port tack and overtaking.   But Alex blinked first, turning away to give Ian the lead. Alex laid chase, but as they completed lap two, Ian pulled away as they again neared the back marker.

By lap 4 Ian was a full course length away.  In lap 5 Alex began to catch up but foundered again at the back marker, leaving Ian with a convincing win.  A very frisky sail which both sailors enjoyed.

Sam Shemtob