Race Results – 11 June 2017

Race Report by Mary Short OOD
It was a bright day but with windy conditions that made it not for the faint-hearted, and there were some fast circuits of the A course. Four boats took part. I would say it was rather “tippy”, and sadly Rob Collingwood (Enterprise) had to retire after a capsize – but  was ably helped by David Jones in the safety boat along with two new members (Frank and Bryan, who have brought their boat to Strand – so quite an introduction for them to the delights of the Thames at Strand on the Green).
Time-wise it was neck and neck between James (Enterprise) and Joe (Laser), alternating between who was leading the pack; the former finished just two seconds ahead. Joe brought to bear his obvious strength and skill at dealing with such conditions in a lively boat. James had young David (Lev’s son as his crew) and I am sure it was a new experience for David to sail in such conditions but he did not appear to be put off by the experience. Lev managed to hang on in there and keep going round through to the end of the race, but for once did not save his time on handicap.
Race Results

Race Results – 28 May 2017

SGSC Race on Sunday 28th May Abandoned

In case you were wondering …

Andy and Tim W and their respective crews (Enterprises) and Lev (Gull) started on an A Course, but the race was abandoned after 44 minutes, no boat having completed a lap. Thanks to OOD Tim Y and the safety boat crew.

Race Results – 21 May 2017

Race Report
On a fine sunny day and perfect weather for the idyllic Isleworth course a fleet of 8 boats gathered. We welcomed Tim Wellburn for his first sail at SGSC in an Enterprise crewed by his brother. Kew bridge was navigated perfectly and safely by the whole fleet under the shepherding of Tim in the safety boat. The fleet set off into a light breeze and there were shouts of Starboard on a congested line. Alex timed his run to the line perfectly and took a 50 yard lead. Slowly the Enterprises and Laser reeled him in on the beat but there was great anticipation from the bank that the long run home would favour the 14ft flyer. It was not to be although close with Robert and Lucy taking the bullet with John in the Laser close behind but the consistently sailed Gull in the capable hands of Lev was not far behind.

Rob Adams OOD

Race Results – 23 April 2017

Strand on the Green Sailing Club – Race Results – 23rd April 2017
Course: C; Race number: 5; OD:Heather Adams; Safety Boat: Rob Adams with Alex Pape, David Jones
Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

Race report
Rob’s account of events (slightly modified from the original facebook version)

It was an eventful C course and a beautiful day for pottering on the Thames. Henry’s unmanned Enterprise capsized whilst moored to the goose-guano encrusted pontoon upstream of Kew Bridge, while Henry was helping Nick to sail off. It was rescued by the combined efforts of Rob, Alex and Dave – the safety boat team. Then a very competitive race ensued with Lev, Ian, John, Henry and Tim all in strong positions at some stage. But it was Nick who crossed the line first, waved over the line by 9 month old Hugo with the yellow flag in hand, Heather supervising.

When nearly all the boats were safely back under the bridge, there was an emergency: a man had jumped into the river off the wall by the old Pier House Laundry building and was in danger of drowning. Henry, on seeing the commotion, manoeuvred his Enterprise alongside the bank under sail to where the man was floundering. He reinvigorated the man’s natural instinct to survive by offering a handy jib sheet which he grabbed with such vigour that the Enterprise nearly capsized again, and would have done so without help of good Samaritans on the wall, who seized a shroud. Luckily the rescue boat heard the hail and sped over to help. David and Alex hauled the man on board and landed him safely into the hands of the police at the Kew Bridge slip, who then took over.

The race, as outlined above, was a beat up the river into a gentle SW breeze of F2 and sometimes F3. John Bull and Ian Nethersell established a healthy lead upstream in the tacking battle leaving the Gulls and the Lightning behind. Henry, unusually solo in Big Polly due to a 4th birthday party elsewhere, started about five minutes late after Rob and Alex had kindly scooped most of the water out of the hull, but he gradually worked his way up the fleet to be third around the buoy at Isleworth. The mostly downwind downstream leg presented the familiar dilemma of which bank to run down in the continuing flood tide, and when to cross the river to find better conditions. Nick read the conditions right or, as he would insist, capitalised on the downwind performance of the Lightning: from being last at Isleworth he was first back at Kew Bridge. But after the handicap sums Lev and Tim in the gulls took the honours.

The expert safety boat team got most of the fleet safely under the bridge – Tim demonstrating the virtues of his tabernacle to pass through unassisted. Many thanks to Heather and Hugo for supervising the race from the Kew bank.

Race Results – 16th April 2017 – Easter Egg Race

Strand on the Green Sailing Club – Race Results – 16th April 2017 Easter Egg Race
Course: A; Race number: 4; OD: Tim Young; Safety Boat: Andy Ross, Alex Pape.

Race report
By Andy Ross

James wrapping his arms around the furled jib prevented his boat bucking off its trolley in the stiff grey NW gusts that bowled down the river, and with an optimistically sun-creamed nose turned to the sky calmly contemplated single-handedly venturing forth. Joseph’s Laser wagged its boom with mad enthusiasm to be off. But no others did, or even showed up.

Easter Day had promised April showers to the roots; and, as the duty OOD had also taken shelter elsewhere, Tim boldly stood up against the elements and declared a long triangular A course was preferable to a B – and so Andy and Alex laid the buoys on a milk chocolate brown river with cold silver foil rippling horizontally across its surface. The obvious intention was not to please but see which survived; the boats or the breeze.

Immediately it was neck and neck. After 7 minutes James strode into a 12 second lead but 7 minutes later it was Joseph 4 seconds ahead, a lead he repeated on the second lap. But on the third James tacked into the windy but tide-free Strand bank and returned – so to pip Joseph at the grid buoy, and screamed off upwind to sneak a 3 second lead.

Meanwhile a commotion on the Surrey bank caught the attention of the safety boat. A dog was in the river, scrambling to get up the steep and muddy slope; and its family was distraught. Even, most unwisely, some men were beginning to remove shoes and trousers to get in and join it! Easing the bow of the boat alongside, the dog’s harness could be grabbed but the power of a big dog doggy-paddling was more than the boat’s steering could cope with and it took the combined effort of Andy and Alex to heave it onboard. Then with a MOAB [Mother of All Bitches] shake this Dulux dog distributed a cloudburst of spray that totally drenched its rescuers – before leaping ashore up the steps.

Re-joining the race for the 6th lap finish and in an easing wind with a glimpse of blue edges to the cloud, now allowing 9 minutes round, Joseph finished 18 seconds ahead on the water – later adjusted on handicap to 8 seconds ahead.

The wind and the rain and the river won the Easter Day prize for Bank Holiday unpredictability, but the Easter egg prize for persistence and perseverance was shared amongst all at SGSC.

Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

Race Results – 9th April 2017

Strand on the Green Sailing Club – Race Results – 9th April 2017
Course: A; Race number: 3; OD: Heather Adams; Safety Boat:Alex Pape, David Jones.

Race report

There were blue skies, spring warmth and, for some, a perfect sailing breeze of (in Kew Gardens) F4 with gusts, from the south. Seven boats started but an eighth boat, Tim Wellburn’s Enterprise, was also on the river getting to grips with local conditions.

It was a day for the big boats and the fleet split accordingly: three Ents and a Laser followed by two Gulls and a Lightning. David and Alex in the safety boat set a longish two-mark A-course with the downstream mark abreast of the draw dock. In general it was a fine reach or a beat down to the bottom mark and a broad reach or run back towards Kew Bridge.

The big boats were in the lead at the first lap: James Armitage and Rob Collingwood (both solo in their Ents) less than a minute apart at the front, followed by Rob Adam’s Laser and Chris Greenwood (crewed by Laura) in close company. Nick Floyer led the little boats, about two minutes astern, closely followed by Lev Kolobov and then Tim Young.

The big boats continued to benefit from the conditions and by the end completed seven laps. James and Rob Collingwood swapped the lead several times but on the last lap James drew ahead by about 4 minutes. Rob Adams followed about 3 minutes behind. Chris suffered the only capsize of the day – a nasty jibe at the top mark on his 6th lap. After righting the boat Laura got back aboard with great agility but was not able to control the water-laden craft across the line as her father urged and suffered a second dunking.

In the little boats Nick Floyer had a close battle with Lev Kolobov but drew ahead in the end to finish three laps about 4 minutes ahead. Tim was content to stay upright and finish two laps.

So, an exciting day to entertain the basking throngs on the tow path. Many thanks to Heather for keeping score and to Alex and David in the safety boat.

Next week there will be an Easter Egg for a prize.

Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

Race Results – 2nd April 2017

Strand on the Green Sailing Club – Race Results – 2nd April 2017
Course: A; Race number: 2; OD:Nick Floyer; Safety Boat: Andy Ross, David Jones.

Race report
Sunday’s race should really have taken place a day earlier and been a true April Fool’s event.
On the day we decided against the scheduled D-course because some other Boat Race was dominating the river downstream of the Railway Bridge, and the PLA had officially closed the river. Those present at the morning’s working party decided that delaying to a top-of-the-tide race – high water at 19:30, sunset at 19:34 – was not a good alternative, so we decided to make the best of a low-tide race somewhere upstream of the Railway Bridge.

It was a lovely spring day but with not much in the way of wind. Our ambition was to start on a line opposite the Arch, using our new flag pole (thanks to David Jones), and attempt to sail up to Brentford Lock. If we got up there in good time we would do a turn or two around some buoys and then return to finish on the start line.

Five boats started: Rob Adams (Laser), Chris Greenwood with Henry Brown (Ent), Ian Nethersell (Vibe), Lev Kolobov and Tim Young in their Gulls, and they all set off upstream in the channel between Oliver Island and the Surrey bank. What little wind there was came mostly down the river, so the fleet tacked between centre-board grabbing shallows downstream of and alongside the island and the increasingly brisk ebb tide on the Surrey bank side. Tack and tack and tack again, creeping up the side of the island to be swept back down again. And again, and again. Rob was in the lead for much of the first half hour, by which time he almost got half way up the island, but in the frequent reprises of this move all boats had a turn at being in the lead, between being locked in a tight confusion of boats.

After half an hour Andy Ross and David Jones in the safety boat saw the way things were and dropped a buoy about two thirds of the way up the island to give some hope. After about 40 minutes they shortened the course even further to about half way and a lucky patch of wind enabled all boats to struggle up to and around it, to return to the line with a collective sigh of relief. All boats finished within about four minutes of each other after around 50 minutes on the water on what must be the shortest course we have ever sailed – about 150m from start to turn.

Nick Floyer as Officer of the Day witnessed most of this excitement from the start line, apart from the odd times we were hidden by the trees.

The results of such a race are pretty arbitrary and more a reflection of each boat’s handicap, but for the record, the finishing order was Ian, Rob, Tim, Chris and Lev, and the adjusted time order was Tim, Lev, Ian, Rob and Chris. April Fools maybe, but an enjoyable spring afternoon on the river nevertheless.

Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

Race Results – 26th March 2017

Strand on the Green Sailing ClubRace Results -26th March 2017
Course: A; Race number: 1; OD:John Bull; Safety Boat: Alex Pape

Race report
A bright sunny day, with seven boats eager to get afloat for the first “B” course of the season.
However, looking downstream from Kew Railway Bridge, there was a mass of rowers preparing for their respective races below Chiswick Bridge. Although the racing was showing signs of ending, the OOD after discussion, decided to alter the proposed “B” course to an “A” to avoid the rowers. A typical three buoy race, starting at the Bell and Crown and incorporating the Surrey rowing buoy was set. The wind direction was E – NE 1-2 but gusting 3-4.
A good start was made by all boats with six boats racing and our new members Tim Wellburn and his crew Horacio in their Enterprise testing their boat and cautiously sailing the course.
The race split 50/50 between the Surrey Bank (stronger wind) and the Strand, coming together at the Grid buoy. Ian, sailing on the Strand Bank with his jib furled, rounded the buoy first closely followed by Rob who had chosen the Surrey Bank. Henry and Mary were close behind. Lev with Chris and Laura following and Tim a little further back. The wind strength was building and gusts of 3-4 were being experienced on the Surrey Bank. The conditions were testing and Tim in Axolotl and Tim Wellburn both capsized. Both boats were helped to safety by Alex in the Safety Boat.
The race continued with Rob leading Ian after two laps followed closely by Henry. Lev was just keeping ahead of Chris although approx. 8 minutes behind.
The third lap produced a rare moment. Henry capsized and unfortunately broke his mast as his Enterprise inverted and dragged along the riverbed. Alex, with assistance from Horacio, took Mary into the safety boat and skilfully towed Henry to safety at the slipway at Kew Bridge, so that he could return to shepherding the remaining racing boats, aided by Tim.
Lap 3 also saw Rob and Ian battling for the lead and Chris and Lev, further back, only 5 seconds apart. The race continued with this pairing until Rob and Ian lapped Lev and Chris with Rob just keeping ahead of Ian.
On lap 5, the gusty conditions persuaded Rob to call it a day and retire to the Arch. Ian then went on to complete the final lap in the lead and finish 5 laps in 52.03. Chris and Lev finished after 4 laps in 61.30 and 73.06 respectively. Lev dropped back after a dramatic capsize at the rowing buoy and then executed a very impressive recovery over the transom and fought his way back to the finish line.
Thank you to Alex for the busiest safety boat duty for a long time.
An eventful and memorable second race this season at Strand.

Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

Race Results – 12th March 2017 – First Race

Strand on the Green Sailing ClubRace Results First Race – 12th March 2017
Course: A; OD:John Bull; Safety Boat:Ian Nethersell, with David Jones
Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.

av. Lap
Porpoise J Armitage 21408 Ent 1115 61 56 7 7.935 1
Phoebe R Adams 174570 Laser 1091 63 33 7 8.321 2
Pacman L Kolobov 2192 Gull 1363 63 37 5 9.335 3
Ho Ho Ho C Greenwood 22030 Ent 1115 63 32 6 9.497 4
Big Polly H Brown 20923 Ent 1115 63 48 6 9.537 5
Axolotl T Young 2919 Gull 1363 63 48 4 11.702 6

Race report

The First Race, light rain with little wind could not dissuade six boats from attempting a tricky “A” course. The wind strength being force 1 from the NW suggested a short “A” course with three buoys starting at the Bell and Crown, the Grid and incorporating the rowing buoy on the Surrey Bank. Ian Nethersell and Dave Jones in the safety boat set the course accordingly.
The race started at 13.20, with all dinghies getting away without problems.
James, sailing on his own, edged ahead of the fleet with Rob close behind, followed by Henry and Chris and Lev and Tim bringing up the rear in their Gulls. This pattern continued throughout the race with James and Rob eventually lapping everyone. James and Rob both lapping at 7.5 – 8.0 minutes with Rob threatening on occasions to catch James and overtake. Meanwhile, Henry and Chris in their Enterprises continued to jostle for third place, swapping places at various stages of the race. At the second lap buoy they were inseparable at 17.01. They continued to jostle throughout the race and eventually lapped Lev and Tim in their respective Gulls. Lev consistently sailed steadily round the course with little problem, difficult in a small boat in the light wind and spring tide.
Tim proudly sailed his magnificent new Gull “Axolotl” following Lev around the course. Tim showed some bursts of speed as he mastered the feel of his new boat, but was unfortunately swept past the rowing buoy on the second lap. However, he skilfully re-rounded the rowing buoy and continued without losing too much time. Lev gradually increased his lead over Tim and finally lapped Tim.
During the last two laps the wind dropped further and the tide strengthened sending the dinghies closer into the Strand bank. The race slowed and produced a final lap where all the boats were arriving at the final buoy together, albeit on different laps.
A very exciting finish with James finishing ahead of Rob after seven laps on 61.56. Chris and Henry finished third and fourth barely 16 seconds apart after six laps, Lev and Tim finishing after five and four laps respectively.
On returning to the new look arch, Dave had prepared a very welcome first race drink of Hot Rum and Blackcurrant and John provided the biscuits. Much appreciated by all.
A very enjoyable and successful start to the 2017 season.