Four boats competed on Course B, in the face of a strong easterly breeze.

The start was delayed 12 minutes to enable Tim Young’s Gull and Sam Shemtob’s Wayfarer to be towed under the Railway Bridge.

Ian Nethersell led off from the start line and, having quickly negotiated the pier, established a clear lead ahead of the other three boats. Of these, the wind initially seemed to favour Sam’s Wayfarer, but he and Alex consistently contested second position in a long series of tacks as they clawed their way to the easterly buoy.

In the face of wind and tide, this proved an objective too far for Tim’s Gull and he retired after about half an hour, around the time Ian completed his first lap.

After an interval of about 15 minutes, Sam’s Wayfarer appeared, heading west, only to be strongly challenged by Alex, the two completing the first lap only 16 seconds apart after some 50 minutes of racing.

The OOD, deciding it was tea time, generously allowed them to regard this as their finish, and 5 minutes later blew the whistle for Ian as he completed his second lap in a noble time of under 20 minutes.