Race Report

This was a sunny Sunday morning race, with a good turnout of eight boats. The light, fickle and fading wind was just sufficient, most of the time, to enable headway against the flood tide – it was three days before full moon and top of springs, and with no recent rainwater coming down the river. This report is based on an interpretation of Inna’s immaculate race sheet.

James (Ent) raced ahead in his usual style. Apart from Tim (Gull), who retired after three laps, and Andy (Ent) who completed five, it was close race over the first six laps for the other five boats. At that point, James was close behind finishing his eighth lap, and the whistle was blown to finish the race, leaving the others to complete their seventh. This took Ian (Vibe) and David (Solo) nearly quarter of an hour, Rob (Laser) rather longer, and John (Laser) and Alex (14ft) in a dead heat longer still.

Many thanks to Lev and Inna, who between them organised the race, manned the safety boat, and recorded the results.

Nick Floyer, the man who was not there

Some correction to the report of the man who was not there:

David was in the safety boat. (Thank you!)
David Berger was racing and testing Tim’s solo.
Andy was the first to get to first buoy but lost to James at the second down the river one.
Lev actually was crewing for James.
Most boat were got stuck close to OOD trying to sail down the river.
The rumour says Andy did not wear life jacket. 🙂

Race Results