Race Report Sunday 18th August 2019

OOD John Bull           Safety Boat  Dave Jones

A sunny, dry day with blustery WSW winds, F3 gusting F4 – 5.

Three boats prepared for the race. Lev sailing solo in White Angel (E), Ian in Backwash (V) and Tim Wellburn and crew in Ixon (E).

After a discussion regarding the blustery conditions and the need for keeping the boats within easy reach of the safety boat, a 3 buoy, “A” course was set. Starting at the Bell and Crown, down stream to the Grid and then over to the rowing buoy on the Kew Bank. David Jones ably supported by Tim Young and his canine companion laid the course. The Dog approved so Tim was Happy.

Conditions were gusty and proving testing as the boats made their way to the start line.

The start was delayed as Tim had some rigging problem. However, after a 13-minute delay, we started without Tim.

Lev and Ian raced speedily to the first buoy together and continued closely for the first lap in just over 6 minutes. For the next two laps the race pattern was repeated both Lev and Ian lapping in approx. 6 minutes. By now, Tim had sorted his problem and was quickly making his way around the course. His first lap being at 21.50.

Lap 6 saw Ian taking the lead over Lev and there was only two seconds between them at the Bell and Crown line. They continued to race closely with Tim rounding the course quicker each lap.

The gusting wind conditions made it very testing and all three boats experienced near capsizes much to the entertainment of the landlubbers at the Bell and Crown. However, all three boats mastered the conditions and continued with Lev and Ian completing 9 laps and Tim 6 laps.

Timings:  Lev 56.27 and Ian 58.32. Tim 62.38.