It was, I am told, a quiet day on the river, one for contemplation and the exercise of patience on a two and a half hour D-course.

Five boats set off on the augmented drift and all finished within 10 minutes of each other.  First was Ian Nethersell, very pleased with having flown his spinnaker and having overtaken Nick Floyer in the closing stages.  He led by four minutes with Lev Kolobov about 3 minutes behind Nick.  Chris Greenwood was fourth in the Leader 2 minutes later, and finally after another 2 minutes there was Sam Shemtob  in his Wayfarer.

The handicap sums almost reversed the finishing order in the Handicap points with Sam then Nick then Chris.  But the finishing order was restored in the Big Boats ( Lev then Chris then Sam); Ian then Nick in the Little Boats points; and in the Polly Prize (Ian then Nick then Chris).