Good afternoon Sailors

This afternoon would have been a cold and breezy Last Race with a sharp shower to accompany Beer and Bangers in an ankle-deep arch.  So perhaps we didn’t miss too much to the COVID clampdown.

Here are the final results for our extraordinary 2020 season.  We lost the first race to strong winds, the second to a PLA river closure, and the next 9 races to COVID-19 lockdown.  But from 17th May to the second lockdown on 5th November we had 21 races and some very good turn-outs.

James swept the board of 1st prize silver for the Handicap, Big Boats and Polly prizes, with Alex winning the Little Boats prize.  Commodore Lev got two 2nd places (Big Boats and Polly Prizes); Rob got 2nd prize in the Handicap, and Ian 2nd in the Little Boats.  Third places went to Rob (Big Boats), Alex (Handicap and Polly), and Jane for the Little Boats.

And our average turnout for points races was 6.4 boats.  Last season was 4.1 and the last time we had a higher number (6.7) was 2001.

Congratulations to all.