A dry, sunny afternoon but cold. High spring tide with varying wind conditions 2 gusting 4 from ENE.

The 1st RACE of 2022.

An “A” course was set with an upstream buoy laid beyond the Bell and Crown Pub but out in the stream to account for the wind direction, together with a buoy downstream outside the City Barge Pub.

Six boats assembled on the foreshore with Dave Jones helming the safety boat. Two Enterprises Zephyr (James and Ruth) and Porpoise (Lev sailing solo).

Amazingly, four lasers Phoebe (Rob), Envy (Ben), Punt (Joseph) and Chiarella (Ariel).

And Spirit of Youth (Sam sailing solo in his Wayfarer).

The race commenced at 15.50 with Lev recovering fast from shipping water prior to the start but with frantic baling managed to join the start line in time.

Sam missed the start but quickly recovered.

James, Joseph and Rob quickly broke away followed by Ben, Ariel, Lev and Sam.  James, Joseph and Rob maintained their lead with Joseph and James changing places throughout. All three boats lapping in approximately 10 minutes. This continued for three laps after which James managed to pull away from Joseph with Rob losing ground.  Lev was moving up with Ben close behind although they both experienced different setbacks. Lev having to complete a penalty for touching the Bell and Crown buoy and Ben in capsizing twice in unexpected gusts of wind. Ben recovering quickly without assistance from Dave Jones in the safety boat. Meanwhile Ariel was caught between trees on the island and lost his position. Sam continued steadily.

The race concluded with James 5 laps in 47.06, Joseph 5 laps 52.29 and Rob 5 laps 60.27.

Lev and Ben 4 laps in 53.14 and 60.45.  Ariel 3 laps in 59.30 and Sam 2 laps in 47.40.

A tricky, but enjoyable days sailing over an “A” course beyond the “GRID”.

Thanks to Dave in the Safety Boat for course setting and for safety watch.

OOD John Bull

(the table of results will follow when the Master of Sums returns to base)