Race Report:
A beautiful balmy evening with some gusts for a simple A course. The breeze only dying at the end of the race.
The start was competitive with a number of shouts for starboard. Rob in his Laser glided into first place and started to lap the other boats. Tim caused some consternation at the end when he appeared to be reaching but not moving over the line. It transpired that he was waiting for Rob to cross the line to finish the race, then miraculously Tim moved forward at a pace.
Small hitch in the proceedings when the OOD’s score sheet blew into the Thames. Luckily Rob was passing by on a lap and was able to scoop up and return without much hinderance to his progress.
Thanks to Chris Jones in the safety boat, taking on a novice crew.
Heather Adams OOD
Note: The Leader-class “Wabbit Twacks” was sailed by Chris G and Mary S, who have acquired her from Michael S who has moved away.
Race Results: