AGM 2021 / Calendar

Dear Members,

Welcome to 2021!

We start with AGM. It will take place by Zoom on Wednesday 10th February at 20:30. You received details by email how to connect. If you did not please contact us so we can add you to the list.

We also updated the calendar for 2021.

Hope we can race soon.

All the best for 2021!

Happy Holidays !

Dear friends!

Season’s greetings. All of us here at SGSC want to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. Wishing you the best this coming year.

We want to give warm holiday wishes to all of our members and friends that have helped us this year. From all of us at SGSC, thank you so much for your endless support. Members like yourself are what makes our club possible. Thank you!

See you all next year for more sailing !

Lev, SGSC Commodore

SGSC Picnic – 2020

More information will come shortly. Please email if you want take part in it. Picnic time: Wednesday 12th August, starting around 1850 to clear Kew Bridge well before high water. Thank you.

Update: picnic was canceled, not enough light. Next time.

Race 28 June 2020 is abandoned!

We are sorry to inform you but committee decided to cancel tomorrow Race on Sunday the 28th of June.

It looks like the wind is picking up. Nothing can scare us but unfortunately it is not safe for a Long Distance Race.

We are sailing, covid-19 update.

Dear members,

The committee has reviewed the recommendations from the RYA and the PLA about Covid-19.

Please download and read the safety controls that the committee has prepared and that each participating club member has to follow.

The controls will be updated as conditions change.

Sailing this Sunday.

We are planning to sail this Sunday, May 17th. This is going to be a D course which will allow us plenty of space on the shore to keep 2m apart. The sail starts at 18:10.

Safety first.

As commodore, my first priority is a safety of the club members.

I would like to emphasise that our current state is not 100% “back to normal”.

Our sail, this Sunday, will not be a normal race but rather a pleasure sail to promote physical and mental health for our members.

This means, each individual member has to take into consideration their own personal underlying health condition and age before coming to the club.

I miss you all and I wish you health and safety.


Race Report 09 July 2019

Race Report:
A warm cloudy evening with very little wind, W backing SW. James (Enterprise) did a speedy eight laps of the very short A course, and Tim (Gull) completed five, as did Nick (Lightning), trailing in last after various mishaps. Thanks to Jane as OOD and to Andy in the safety boat.

Race Results:

Race Report 07 July 2019 – Long Distance Race

Race Report:

The annual long distance race is sailed on an ebb tide to Battersea Railway Bridge, turning there at low tide, and returning on the flood. This means that competitors, who may set off whenever they like, have to estimate when low tide will be and how long they will take to get there. The forecast was for a light easterly wind, though the early morning rain was a surprise to all, and so with a slow windward passage in prospect, it paid to go reasonably early. After the tide turned, there would be no hope of reaching Battersea at all. In the event, the wind was good where there was wind, but some reaches are sheltered by trees, and at Battersea tall buildings meant that there was hardly wind at all. The actual wind direction was very variable, but tended to veer towards southerly during the race.

Lev (Enterprise) played safe and set off first; John (Otter), sailing the slowest boat on handicap, went next; Ian (Vibe) started after another interval, and Nick (Lightning) followed. Lev arrived at Battersea much too early: he was swept past the bridge by the still ebbing tide and took some time to return and work his way along the shore towards home. Ian and John were also early but only by ten minutes or so. Nick took the biggest risk and was only just in time for the turn of the tide. Then what had looked to be an easy run home on the flood tide was anything but, with many changes of wind strength and direction and sporadic doldrums.

On the final reaches, the other three boats started to catch up with Lev. Nick finally overtook him and finished half a second ahead; Ian, who had been practising his spinnaker drill with mixed success, was close behind, and John followed after 15 minutes. So Nick, starting last and finishing first, took the prize. The real hero, however, was Dave in the safety boat, who on his own and for five hours kept a close eye on us all.

Race Results:

Race Report 23 June 2019

Race Report:
A beautiful balmy evening with some gusts for a simple A course. The breeze only dying at the end of the race.
The start was competitive with a number of shouts for starboard. Rob in his Laser glided into first place and started to lap the other boats. Tim caused some consternation at the end when he appeared to be reaching but not moving over the line. It transpired that he was waiting for Rob to cross the line to finish the race, then miraculously Tim moved forward at a pace.
Small hitch in the proceedings when the OOD’s score sheet blew into the Thames. Luckily Rob was passing by on a lap and was able to scoop up and return without much hinderance to his progress.
Thanks to Chris Jones in the safety boat, taking on a novice crew.
Heather Adams OOD
Note: The Leader-class “Wabbit Twacks” was sailed by Chris G and Mary S, who have acquired her from Michael S who has moved away.
Race Results: