Race Report 19 July 2020

Sunday was a sunny day with a light breeze from NNE.  From the immaculate results sheet prepared by Inna Kolobov the race worked out something like this.  Seven boats took to the water but Tim Young retired before the start.  The remaining six fell into a leading group of Alex Pape (Lugger), Lev Kolobov (solo in his Enterprise) and Ian Nethersell (Vibe), who led from the first lap, swapping first place between them until on their fifth and final lap Alex crossed the line a mere 2 seconds ahead of Lev, with Ian under 6 minutes behind.  Chris and Mary (Leader) followed Lev, having been lapped once, and both Sam Shemtob (Wayfarer) and Jane Watkins (Gull) were a lap behind on 3 laps.

After the sums were done Alex was first in three of the Series (Handicap, Little Boats and Polly); Lev was first in the Big Boats and second in the Handicap and Polly; and Ian was second in the Little Boats and third in the Handicap and Polly.

Thanks again to Inna for keeping a clean score sheet, and to David Jones for doing safety boat duty and allowing Lev to sail.

There’s nothing on the calendar for next week but it could be an A/B-course at 1810 or a downstream D/B-course at 1445 (or later).  We’ll let you know as soon as possible.