Race Report 26 July 2020

Sunday’s race was scheduled as a D-course, down to Hammersmith and back, but under the COVID-19 circumstances we had decided to race a series of low-water laps between Chiswick Bridge and the railway bridge.  This enables the safety boat to keep everyone in sight. 

Four boats took to the water with a warm and gusty north-west wind and headed downstream to a buoy set by David Jones opposite the late Tony Smith’s house.  It was soon clear that the gusty wind was going to cause problems but Ian Nethersell (Vibe) managed the first lap in 22 minutes, followed by Chris and Mary (Leader) and Jane (Gull) in about 26 minutes.  Nick was having less luck and was lapped by Ian before he made his first lap.  He then got caught by a gust and capsized just below the pier and accepted a tow back.

Ian completed his second lap after 34 minutes, 5 minutes ahead of the Leader and 8 minutes ahead of Jane.  That was almost it for Jane who struggled with the fickle wind and a flooding tide to make the bottom mark.  After a creditable struggle she called it a day and retired.

Ian meanwhile completed a third lap after 48 minutes of sailing and set off on a fourth lap.  Chris and Mary followed about 8 minutes later, almost an hour from the start, and Andy Ross (OOD) signalled the end of the race. 

Next week is an A-course at 14:10.