Race Report
Showers during the day, a long course and a relatively late scheduled start time of 17.10 were probably reasons for only two dinghies launching: James, crewed by Ema, in the Enterprise “Zephyr” and Rob in his Laser “Phoebe”. After a close match-race start (see photo) beating towards Hammersmith on Course D, with a favourable ebbing tide, the pair soon disappeared beyond Chiswick Bridge, ably watched over by Tim and Dave in the safety boat. A gust in the blustery conditions saw Rob demonstrate his nimble recovery skills, “Phoebe” leading around the buoy (laid at 17:35, opposite the London Corinthian SC) passing it at 17:36 closely followed by “Zephyr” at 17:41, watched by Tim and Dave who noted that the tide appeared to be half-an-hour late turning. About an hour and three-quarters after the start the blue goose-winged sails, trimmed by James and Ema, appeared out of the grey with, soon after, the white sail of Phoebe and the yellow safety boat visible for the final stretch to the railway bridge finish line. “Zephyr” crossed 1hr:51mins:18secs after the start and “Phoebe” less than nine minutes later, precisely two hours and three seconds after the start, as the OOD – who had had ample time to prepare – took a photo, checked his new sailing watch, noted the time and blew the end-of-match whistle.
Nick Jeffery

Race Results

I found that I had omitted a few points last week, now corrected in the above. If anyone notices, I will explain and apologise. Best wishes, Nick Floyer