This was a warm cloudy evening race, two days before midsummer. The wind
being in the northeast, meaning that the A course was in the shelter of Strand
houses, the course was changed to a B downstream, where there was a goo
wind, in fact rather too much for the smaller boats. 

Six boats started. James (Enterprise), Rob (Laser) and Chris (Leader) made a
good start close along the Surrey shore, broad-reaching against the flood tide.
Tim Y (Wanderer), Ian (Vibe) and Nick (Gull) preferred Middlesex. The latter
two decided that was a mistake and crossed over, a long way behind the
leaders. Tim persisted and rounded the downstream mark fourth, but retired
after the beat upstream, having shipped too much water over his lee gunwale.
The race then became a procession, with the fleet well spaced out by the
finish. All boats completed three laps, except Nick who was lapped by James
shortly before the finish.

Keith Clarke was OOD, and the safety boat, manned by David Jones and Andy
Ross, was in watchful attendance.

Nick Floyer