OOD: Sam Shemtob, Safety boat: Dave Berger

An impressive six boats headed out early Sunday evening to complete a full triangular A course.  Conditions were perfect, with a fresh south westerly wind and few gusts.

A tight start saw the boats all set off together, remaining closely grouped as they approached the first mark.  James Armitage with Billy Adams in Zephyr (Enterprise) were first round, followed closely by Rob Adams in Big Polly (Enterprise) and somewhat behind Ben Chappell in Envy (Laser).

The top three held their positions for the first three laps, with Rob steadily closing in on James and Billy and coming round the rear mark just 12 seconds behind them after lap three.  Frankie Skrzeszewski, sailing Tango (Solo), crept up from last position after the first lap to 4th after the second, only to capsize in the third and retire.  

Despite Rob breathing down his neck, James and Billy maintained their composure, pulling away over the next couple of laps and winning in 6 laps just over a minute ahead of Rob. 

A cold evening, a couple of spots of rain threatened but the setting sun eventually came out for the final lap.  Olly and Felicity Adams, completing a none-too-shabby 4 laps in their Mirror, brought the Adam’s family representation to three generations and came third in the Polly prize.  

Many thanks to Dave Berger on safety boat.

Sam Shemtob, OOD