Course C   Weather:  cloudy, gusty, North Easterly up to 13mph

Safety boat: Tim Young

OOD: Ben Chappell

Started on time at 13:40.  Start line: upstream end of pontoon to Water Works tower. Support from several boat owner residents. Flag pole cunningly placed in upturned kayak draining holes. 

Prior to the race Lev Kolobov (Porpoise, Enterprise) and Rob Adams (Big Polly, Enterprise) were helped through centre arch masted and healed, no river traffic. Olly Adams with crew Billy (Spinosaurus, Mirror) sailed independently under Kew bridge. Sam Shemtob (SY2, Wayfarer) towed under with mast down.

A flying start from Olly and Billy Adams (one of the two 7 year-old crew members we were delighted to have in the race) gave Spinosaurus an early lead. Further down the field SY2 had three onboard: Sam, Yellow Tim and Paula. Sam’s brave crew were rewarded with moments ahead of the eventual race winner, as they fought together for 3rd and 4th place. Rob in Big Polly and Hugo Bryant (our other 7 year-old, out on his first race) now in 2nd place found their rhythm and took the race lead from Spinosaurus. Lev fought his way up through the field, 4th, 3rd, 2nd. The order around the mark near the London Apprentice was Rob followed at some distance by Lev who was just ahead of Olly, with Sam bringing up the rear. This was the order down river to the finish as the wind strengthened and the sun came out, Lev gaining all the time until the two Enterprises were neck and neck. With 200 yards to go Lev finally passed Rob and Hugo to finish victorious after just over an hour sailing. 

Lev, the race winner on the water held station near the finish line as the other boats raced to finish but he was caught by a sudden gust of wind and given cause to demonstrate how to right an Enterprise. Using this capsize routine as inspiration he then capsized his way under Kew Bridge before sailing back to the club. 

The various handicap sums gave the winning Handicap points to Spinosaurus; the Big Boats win to Porpoise; the Little Boats win and the Polly Prize to Spinosaurus. Well done all.

Next week’s race is an A-course starting at 16:50.

Ben Chappell, OOD.