Race Report 28th April 2024 – revised version

OOD: Nick Floyer Safety boat: James Armitage

Course: A

Lots of sunshine made this a pleasant evening race over a triangular course.  The wind was fickle, mainly westerly but occasionally backing southerly.

Two Enterprises: Rob Adams (Big Polly) and Lev Kolobov (Porpoise), both single-handed.  Two Lasers:  Ben Chappell (Envy) and Toby Hicks (Cip..), and a Mirror, Olly and Billy Adams (Spinosaurus), lined up for a very close start.  However, the wind fell light and contrary, and the fleet spread out: Lev, Rob, Ben, Olly and Toby in that order  All had more or less trouble rounding the weather mark, the red rowers’ channel buoy, in the shelter of the trees on the Surrey bank.

Thanks to James Armitage in the safety boat, frustrated not to be sailing – as was I,

Nick Floyer (OOD)