Strand on the Green Sailing Club – Race Results – 9th April 2017
Course: A; Race number: 3; OD: Heather Adams; Safety Boat:Alex Pape, David Jones.

Race report

There were blue skies, spring warmth and, for some, a perfect sailing breeze of (in Kew Gardens) F4 with gusts, from the south. Seven boats started but an eighth boat, Tim Wellburn’s Enterprise, was also on the river getting to grips with local conditions.

It was a day for the big boats and the fleet split accordingly: three Ents and a Laser followed by two Gulls and a Lightning. David and Alex in the safety boat set a longish two-mark A-course with the downstream mark abreast of the draw dock. In general it was a fine reach or a beat down to the bottom mark and a broad reach or run back towards Kew Bridge.

The big boats were in the lead at the first lap: James Armitage and Rob Collingwood (both solo in their Ents) less than a minute apart at the front, followed by Rob Adam’s Laser and Chris Greenwood (crewed by Laura) in close company. Nick Floyer led the little boats, about two minutes astern, closely followed by Lev Kolobov and then Tim Young.

The big boats continued to benefit from the conditions and by the end completed seven laps. James and Rob Collingwood swapped the lead several times but on the last lap James drew ahead by about 4 minutes. Rob Adams followed about 3 minutes behind. Chris suffered the only capsize of the day – a nasty jibe at the top mark on his 6th lap. After righting the boat Laura got back aboard with great agility but was not able to control the water-laden craft across the line as her father urged and suffered a second dunking.

In the little boats Nick Floyer had a close battle with Lev Kolobov but drew ahead in the end to finish three laps about 4 minutes ahead. Tim was content to stay upright and finish two laps.

So, an exciting day to entertain the basking throngs on the tow path. Many thanks to Heather for keeping score and to Alex and David in the safety boat.

Next week there will be an Easter Egg for a prize.

Boats that sailed in the race are marked in bold type.