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Our much-delayed sailing adventure to the Norfolk Broads has been confirmed for 16th to 19th September. The weekend trip is based at Upton Yacht Station situated in the centre of the network of rivers and lakes that make up the Broads National Park.

We have reserved four traditional sailing boats from Eastwood Whelpton.


High Seas

Severn Seas


The fleet is well equipped and unlike our last outing has engines!

There are berths for 19 people, and if they are all taken then the approximate cost is £140 per person.

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If you are interested in coming along or have already paid your deposit and want to confirm your place then please contact David Jones  by mobile or by email on

Request David Jones mobile number by emailing to

You are invited!

Dear Sailors,
The Jubilee is creeping up fast!
We have been invited to take part in the Jubilee sailing regatta on the Thames which runs from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th with a return back Strand on the Green on Sunday 5th.
Three other clubs are taking part. Corinthians, who are based on Hammersmith Mall, Southbank, who are opposite Fulham Football Ground, and Ranelagh, who are a little further downriver at Putney.
There is a mixture of races with passages from one club to the next, down-stream races, and high-tide courses around buoys.
Because of the tide times, SGSC is not able to host a race that is convenient for our neighbors. The other clubs are offering parties and food and the opportunity to leave our boats overnight so we can return home and go back the following day. Corinthians and Ranelagh are also offering dinghies for hire for the events held on their stretch of the river.
This is the program:

If you are interested in taking part in any of the regattas then please let Chris Greenwood know. David Jones and Andy Ross have volunteered to look after the safety boat. We have three boats taking part so far. If you want to hire a boat for one of the events or crew with someone else then this could be a good option too.

Entry for SBSC
The SBSC On-Line Entry Form for the round the cans race on Saturday 4th June is on SBSC website and ready for your club members to sign up. There’s a tick box for the BBQ post-race on the form too. Go to Menu on the front page and it’s there under Jubilee Regatta –
If we could have an indication of numbers by next Friday 27th that would be helpful. Inevitably there will be a few who won’t decide until the day before but we can deal with that on the 4th.
Looking forward to seeing everyone. All we need now is some nice wind and sunshine!

Chris Greenwood, SGSC

Race Results 15th May 2022

The Black Swan Event

The afternoon did not get off with a promising start and if anything it just got worse!

There was little breeze and a persistent drizzle from the outset.  The planned “B” course was never a realistic possibility so thoughts moved towards a short “A” with a Zoffany start provided we had enough sailors/boats (at least 3) along with a safety boat crew and OOD.  We had a full complement of officials but it was well inside the last 40 minutes or so before we had three boats declaring intentions to launch and in the end we got four.  Perhaps the televised Women’s FA Cup Final at Wembley was keeping everyone away. By the time the last trolley was back up the ramp the OOD had too little time to close up the arch and hasten along to the start which was three minutes late as a result.  Many thanks at this point to Heather Adams for providing a folding chair which was later moved to under the shelter of a tree.

Two Buoys had been laid for a short “A” with the upstream one by the Bell and Crown.  Progress was agonisingly slow and after 30 minutes no-one had reached the first mark and one boat had been rescued from the jaws of Kew Bridge at least once.  That race was then cancelled, the downstream buoy moved nearer the bank and the upstream buoy only just downstream of the start/finish line.

The second attempt at holding a race was more successful but only just.  The most exciting event of the afternoon was the appearance of a black swan (pictured) which seemed to swim around totally at ease with a dozen of the white variety and a few of the inevitable Canada geese.  “Porpoise” (Enterprise) eventually broke free and completed a lap in 24 minutes followed by the other two survivors about ten minutes later.  The other Laser had long since requested a tow back to base so all finishers got on the podium!

OOD – Steve Newell;  Safety Boat – Tom Broadhurst, David Jones.


Our Sunday visitor …

Urgent news

Good morning sailors

In case you haven’t been alerted, the first race of the season is on this coming Sunday, 6th March, and the calendar for the whole season is now on the website.

A printable version of the calendar is also on the website.

Happy sailing


Race Report – Last Race, 7 November 2021

A crisp, sunny autumnal afternoon with a decent breeze saw a fleet of eight dinghies launched for the final race of the season – including “Ait Knots” as a spectator under electric motor for an inaugural outing for Tim’s grandson. The Safety Boat was manned by David Jones and Tim Williamson who efficiently laid buoys for course A in time for a prompt start at 14.35, with the Bell and Crown chimneys aligned and the signal flags (ably broken out and dropped by Mary S) being complemented by OOD Nick J’s whistle. This piercing noise went unnoticed by two boats, “Pakman” and “Distant Thunder”, that started 3-4 minutes late. (NB: ISAF: “Times shall be taken from the visual signals; the absence of a sound signal shall be disregarded”). Leona, aboard the Tonic “Lightning” decided not to start due to gear failure so it became a four-boat race for the first 20 minutes as Jane aboard “Pakman” and Chris & Felicia aboard “Distant Thunder” duelled it out for last place at the first buoy in front of The City Barge, with three capsizes, all out of sight – and earshot – of the OOD. The Thames Barrier was closed so tide was negligible making for quick progress mid stream. The first lap saw just three minutes separating the four leaders: James’ “Zephyr” (9:50), Lev’s “Porpoise” (11:23), Ben’s “Envy” (12:05) and Ian’s “Backwash” (12:59). The two enterprises held the lead with “Zephyr” completing six laps in 56mins:27secs and “Porpoise” five laps (59:20), Ian’s Vibe four laps (1hour:3mins:55secs) and Ben’s Laser five laps (1:5:54). Chris’ Leader managed five laps (1:8:15) while Jane’s Gull took the final sound signal  at 1 hour 12 mins and 26 seconds (including the 3-4 mins start) for three laps, six-year-old Kieran blowing the club’s horn loudly, to mark the end of the season’s racing. SGSC members and guests then enjoyed some excellent home brew beer, chicken soup, sausages, cheesy quiche tarts, Ukrainian pirogy, cup cakes and banana bread, Mary S expertly manning the BBQ and Commodore Ian thanking all for attending and sailing through the season.

Nick Jeffery

Parking at the weekend

Be warned. The rules for parking at Strand on the Green have changed. Formerly there were no restrictions at the weekend in SotG and the surrounding roads. As of last weekend there is, in effect, no weekend parking for non-residents between Kew Bridge and the Railway Bridge, and the adjoining roads.

But you can still park on SotG and adjoining roads south-east of the Railway Bridge (Magnoliia, Loraine, Riverview etc.) at the weekend.

Race Report 5th September 2021

A dry, sunny, windless Sunday afternoon with an Easterly wind blowing 4 but increasing to 6 Knots for short bursts. Because of the lack of wind and its direction it was decided to change from a “B” Course to a short “A”. The course was laid by Enoch and Andy in the safety boat, with a “Zoffany House” start line and buoys upstream of the Bell and Crown and at the upstream end of the PLA grid.

Amazingly, 11 Boats assembled on the foreshore, just like the old days.

4 Enterprises, Zephyr (James and Ruth), Porpoise (Lev and David), Big Polly (Henry and Mary), Ixion (Tim W and crew), and one Leader – Distant Thunder (Chris and crew) .

2 Lasers, Phoebe (Rob) and Envy (Ben).

Together with the little boats, Ait Knots (Tim Y), Pacman (Jane), Tonic (Leona) and the delightful tan sails of Eeyore (Nick with 3 crew).

The start line was crowded and confused with the lack of wind giving minimal control. The whistle was blown and the flags were dropped at 13-00.  James quickly found the wind and sped away closely followed by Rob. Others were slow off the mark with some getting caught in the vegetation growing in the river close to the towpath and others struggled with the tide and the lack of wind.

James and Rob made the 1st lap in 5.56 and 7.04 respectively. The other Enterprises and Ben’s Laser followed 12-14mins after for the 1st lap. 1st lap for the little boats was – Tim Y in 23.26, Jane and Leona 40.10 and 40.12 respectively. Eeyore struggled to stay over the start line for most of the race, which was expected with such light winds and eventually retired.

James continued to lap at about 6-7 mins until he finished after 9 laps in 61.27. During the race Lev and Henry were very close for the first 3 laps, but Lev eventually lapped Henry and they finished together on 8 laps and 7 laps in 66.46 and 66.05. Chris (Leader) and Tim W in his Enterprise finished in a similar time to Lev and Henry, 66.57 and 67.08, completing 6 and 4 laps respectively.

Rob and Ben in their Lasers completed 7 laps in 64.29 and 6 laps 68.58 resp.

Tim Y finished 4 laps in 67.56, Leona 2 laps in 72.15 and Jane 1 lap 40.10.

A difficult day for the little boats but a fine sunny afternoon and a brilliant turn out.

Thanks to Enoch and Andy on the safety boat.

OOD John Bull

Race, Sunday 29th August

Dear Sailors,

This Sunday the club had planned an outing to Gins Farm on the Beaulieu River. An alternative (A) course starting at 18:10 has also been pencilled in. I’m aware that many people are away or may have other engagements planned for the bank holiday weekend, so please can you confirm using the email below that you definitely will be turning up.

Chris Greenwood

Duty Chaser

Gins weekend

28/29/30 August 2021


Dear members,

                            I now need to confirm with Royal Southampton Yacht Club how many of us will be attending Gins Farm over the August bank holiday.

Basic itinerary

Meet at Gins Farm Saturday morning.


Go sailing and/or canoeing.

Meal at Gins Farm clubhouse Saturday evening.

Meet at Gins Farm Sunday morning.


Morning activities


Afternoon activities.

Evening meal

Monday is a free day; return home early or do some sightseeing

Please note: 

You will need to book your own accommodation be it B&B, hotel or campsite.

We need a least 16 people to book the evening meal but breakfast can be booked individually.

If you plan to attend I need you to confirm how many will be in your party and attending the evening meals and whether you want to borrow a dinghy or if you will bringing your own aquatic transport.

Below is the original announcement for those who have questions.


Gins weekend – 28/29/30 August 2021

It is with great pleasure I can announce the reinstatement of our much loved Gins weekend and confirm the above dates over the August bank holiday weekend.

For our members who have not been before:

Gins Farm is the clubhouse of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club (RSYC) on the Beaulieu River just outside the New Forest (Post Code: SO42 7XG). Other than in recent years this weekend has been on our calendar since the 60s. This weekend is open to all members and their guests.

There is normally a small contingent of SGSC members yachts or chartered boats which can be moored alongside or put on one of the visitor buoys down river. (payment to Beaulieu River HM)

Dinghies are towed down from Strand or can be borrowed (for a nominal fee) from RSYC. Currently available are Wanderers, Lasers, Toppers and Picos. Dinghies towed can be left on site during our rally.

Canoes can be borrowed too but these of course are easily transportable from Strand.

Camping on site is no longer allowed but local to Gins are Roundhill campsite, Lepe Meadows campsite and Lepe Beach campsite.

Dinner is available and bookable in advance for numbers over 16 (I have the menu and it is mouth-wateringly good) and various breakfast options for bookings over 12 people.

There is access to changing, lavatory and shower facilities on the Gins site.

Outline itinerary (subject to weather and tides)

Friday pm:  yacht and early arrival possible (HW Portsmouth 1544 LW 2045)

Saturday morning: Breakfast, rig and launch to explore the river with lunch perhaps at Bucklers Hard or down river overlooking the nature reserve. Venturing out on The Solent with dinghies and canoes is dependent on safety cover and conditions.

Saturday evening: Meal in the clubhouse.

Sunday morning: Breakfast then day sailing on the Solent either to Alum Bay/Keyhaven (by The Needles) with lunch in Newtown Creek or exploring the forts to the east with lunch in Osbourne Bay (by Cowes). Some people may choose to stay out and overnight at anchor.

Monday morning: Breakfast and spend the morning on the river before packing up and returning for home.

For now I only need expressions of interest but would ask they be more likely than not likely as RSYC need an idea of numbers. Also the numbers in your party and what vessels you may be taking to the water on, or would like to take to the water on.

I look forward to hearing from those of you interested.