Race Report by Mary Short OOD
It was a bright day but with windy conditions that made it not for the faint-hearted, and there were some fast circuits of the A course. Four boats took part. I would say it was rather “tippy”, and sadly Rob Collingwood (Enterprise) had to retire after a capsize – but  was ably helped by David Jones in the safety boat along with two new members (Frank and Bryan, who have brought their boat to Strand – so quite an introduction for them to the delights of the Thames at Strand on the Green).
Time-wise it was neck and neck between James (Enterprise) and Joe (Laser), alternating between who was leading the pack; the former finished just two seconds ahead. Joe brought to bear his obvious strength and skill at dealing with such conditions in a lively boat. James had young David (Lev’s son as his crew) and I am sure it was a new experience for David to sail in such conditions but he did not appear to be put off by the experience. Lev managed to hang on in there and keep going round through to the end of the race, but for once did not save his time on handicap.
Race Results