Race Report, 20 October 2019


The race was ‘D’ Course to Hammersmith, with light winds in the area of the Clubhouse but, inevitably, more wind downstream.

Only two boats started, Nick Floyer’s Lightning and Lev Kolobov’s Enterprise.

Both easily passed the jetty and headed off at a good pace, helped by the still outgoing tide.  Some little way downstream of Barnes Bridge, Nick decided that the increased wind and choppier conditions already encountered there argued against proceeding further, and so retired.

The safety boat chased Lev downstream and caught up with him near Corney Reach, where the race was truncated at 32 minutes.  He sailed back, just catching the ebb, and completing the round trip in just over an hour and a half, while the safety boat gave Nick a stately tow back to base.


Tim Wellburn