OOD John Bull

A spring tide, dry, sunny late afternoon race with the wind blowing from the west at F2 with gusts of F4.

A “B” course was set with the downstream buoy shortened to enable more laps to be achieved. Five boats were prepared to tackle the gusty conditions. It was a pleasure to see our new member Nick Jeffery in his delightful boat “EEYORE”, a Fairy Duckling, sailing with traditional Tan sails. A brave first sail appreciated by all on the water and the towpath.

After Tim and Chris making last minute adjustments to their rigging on the start line a good start was made by all boats.

James with Ayanda quickly showed the way along the rowing club bank and pulled away rounding the downstream and returning to Strand.

James completing the first lap in 14:37 minutes. Chris and Mary and Alex were neck and neck at 22:23 and 22:40 for the first lap. Tim and Emma were close behind in 25:36 and Nick finishing the 1st lap in 31:54 minutes.

The race order remained the same for the following laps with James unchallenged. Chris and Alex swopping places with little between them and Tim and Nick bring up the rear.

James completed 4 laps in 54:22 minutes.

Chris and Alex 4 laps in 65:13 and 65:46, respectively. Chris just pulling clear of Alex on the last lap. A close race between these two throughout the race.

Tim completed 3 laps in 61:02 and Nick 2 laps in 55:10.

A very testing and watchable race. A spring tide with gusty conditions with all the boats handling the conditions brilliantly and throughout, carefully monitored by Dave and Tim in the safety boat.

Next week is an A-course starting at 12:00 noon.