Sunday was a lovely spring day with buds bursting, geese gaggling, pubs finding unaccustomed and thirsty customers, but little wind.  We set a short A-course starting at Zoffany House, top mark at the Bell and Crown and the bottom mark above the slip dock.

Five boats launched, including an Enterprise retrieved from the back of the site.  Lotte Cutts is the new owner, sailing with her neighbour, Pat. 

The trick, as ever in light conditions, was to hug the bank downwind against the flood tide, which was fortunately weak.  James Armitage (solo in Zephyr) was first around the short course in less than 6 minutes, followed by Lev Kolobov and David in Porpoise about a minute later, and then Ben Chappell in his Laser.  James proceeded to lap everyone else and tick off 6-8 minute laps but after his second lap he was very closely followed, and sometimes led, albeit a lap behind, by Lev.

James finished 8 laps in the hour, followed by Lev on 7 laps.  Lotte did very well given a new boat and unaccustomed tidal conditions to finish 5 laps.  Ben and Jane Watkins both did 4 laps.

Thanks to Mary Brown for officiating and to Chris and Mary for providing cans of outside-the-arch refreshment to celebrate our gradual return to normal.

Next week is also an A-course, starting at 12:45.