OOD: Jane Watkins 

Safety Boat: David Jones 

Under a thundery, rainy sky and with a SSW wind of 9mph with occasional gusts, it was a pleasant surprise to find six boats willing to risk a soaking in the name of Sunday sport. 

Sailing an A course starting by the Bell & Crown, James Armitage in Zephyr stunned nobody by taking an immediate lead. He completed his first lap in just under 10 minutes, with Lev Kolobov hot on his heels a minute later in Porpoise. Within the next three minutes, we saw TonicPhoebe and then Distant Thunder completing their first lap, with Envy bringing up the rear shortly afterwards. 

Over the course of the hour-long race, James extended his lead over Lev to some six minutes – an impressive performance for Mr Kolobov who was, after all, sailing an Enterprise on his own. By the end of the race, James and Lev had completed six laps each; Rob Adams in Phoebe completed five laps, with Nick Floyer (Tonic), Chris Greenwood and crew (Distant Thunder) and Ben Chappell (Envy) all finishing with a highly respectable four laps each. 

Many thanks to Dave for manning the safety boat on a rather damp and grey Sunday.