There was a feeble wind, nominally from the NE, meaning that the river was mostly sheltered by houses. The OOD controversially changed the course from an A, where there was no wind, to a B, where was just a little. Rob (Laser) and Lev (Enterprise) managed to cross the start line immediately despite the strongly flooding spring tide, and went on to complete their first lap in 17 minutes, at the end of which they were dead level.
Chris (Leader) and Jane (Gull) made several attempts to get started before a helpful puff took them over the line. Chris went on to complete his first lap, but Jane, having made it past the jetty, was swept back into it by the tide. She was rescued by the safety boat and retired. Ian (Vibe) found himself hemmed in and windless, and went home.
Fortunes changed on the second lap. While Lev went slowly but steadily ahead to finish first, Rob became becalmed and stuck; Chris caught up and briefly overtook him, and although Rob rounded the final mark on the inside and finished just ahead, Chris easily took second place on handicap.
Thanks to Sam and Dave in the safety boat, and to Nick’s family who supported him on the bank.
Nick Floyer

Race Results