A dry, sunny morning with variable S wind , F3, turning cold.

A “C” course was started as soon as the four boats assembled upstream of Kew Road Bridge at the unreasonably early time of 0945. Dave Jones was helming the safety boat with two crew. Two Enterprises,  Porpoise (Lev sailing solo) and  Zephyr (James and Ruth) were joined by Chris and Felicia in Leader Distant Thunder and Tim (sailing solo) in Wanderer Ait Knots.

The race commenced early with Tim following the leading pack of three having been a little way back prior to the start.

I understand that James and Chris broke away on the way up to Isleworth.  (There’s little to see from the OOD’s position.)  I also learnt Lev capsized but recovered quickly and was able to progress to Isleworth.  

The race concluded with the return of James in 52 mins, Chris in  66 mins, then Lev in 97 mins and closely followed by Tim in 97:20.  

A longish haul with some difficult hanging around to make the passage back under Kew Road Bridge in slightly colder conditions.

Thanks to Dave and crew in the Safety Boat for safety watch and the assistance to crews.

Tom Broadhurst (OOD)