There was no Covid to contend with this season: we started on 6th March and finished, later than usual, on 13th November with our 29th and final race.   The average number of starters for the season was 5.14 which is average for SGSC.  And there were an encouraging number of newcomers out on the water, both helming and crewing.

             James Armitage (again) was first in everything in his gleaming GRP Enterprise, Zephyr.   He reveals almost all his secrets in the latest Newsletter (soon to be delivered).  His old wooden Enterprise, Porpoise, carried Lev Kolobov to second place in the Polly Prize and third in the Class Cup (Big Boats).  Chris Greenwood, In Distant Thunder (Leader) crewed by Felicia Biekarck took second place in the Class Cup (Big Boats) and third in the Handicap Cup.  Rob Adams  (Laser, Phoebe) was second equal in the Handicap Cup and third in the Polly Prize.  Nick Floyer (flo, Gull) was first in the Class Cup (Little Boats) and second equal with Rob in the Handicap Cup.   Tim Young (Ait Knots, Wanderer) was second in the Class Cup (Little Boats) and Ian Nethersell (Backwash, Vibe) was third.

  The Ladies Plate was not formally contested this year, but informally  it should be awarded to Felicia who helmed Distant Thunder while Chris was forging his way across the Atlantic.  She was our only ‘Lady’ helm.  The Strand Senior Salver (for helms over 75) went to Nick Floyer; and Keith Clarke was awarded Paul’s Prize for Persistence, given to the helm who has sailed most races without having won any  trophy.