A spring tide, not much wind, rumbles of thunder, at least one heavy shower.  Six boats started a short “A” course from the Zoffany line.  OOD Steve Newell regretted later not starting from the Bell & Crown as the towpath gently flooded and the times of the later laps were recorded initially in ankle deep and finally calf deep water.  For reference it was predicted to be a 6.9m tide at London Bridge.

Fortunes fluctuated as the calms, eddies and occasional weak gusts triggered faint hopes and despair in almost equal measure.  The ever present fear of drifting too near the jaws of Kew Bridge eventually got the better of Tim who accepted assistance from safety boat driver Ian Nethersell but the other five kept going and all but Jane (3) completed four laps in rather more than an hour.

James was always at or near the front and was the first to cross the finish line and then immediately ordered his young crew to start paddling.  Chris made up for a poor start and was second to finish followed by the erratic Rob.

With the ramp well awash the safety boat was floated back into the arch and safely locked up for another week.

Steve Newell