Despite fair conditions and a good wind, only three boats opted to sail the long D course today. After a 15 minute delay, Ben Chappell on Envy and Chris and crew on Distant Thunder got off to a cracking start. They were followed by Ian on Vibe, who crossed the starting line three minutes later before rapidly moving to the shore to re-rig his spinnaker.
Rigging resolved, Vibe gave hot pursuit down the river, whereupon all three soon disappeared from view.

Thanks to the decent winds, however, Distant Thunder returned to cross the finishing line in a particularly speedy 1hr 13mins (barely enough time to sink two pints at the Bull’s Head), closely followed by Envy two minutes later. After a further six minutes, our Commodore valiantly brought up the rear.

Congratulations to Ben Chappell for his first handicap win at SGSC.

OOD: Jane Watkins