Race Report plus activities Sunday 2nd September 2018

A Special Sunday Tidefest and SGSC Working Party and Race.

Strand on the Green Tidefest – Fishing competition, Boat trips, paddle boarding foreshore talks, RNLI plus other activities. A lively day at Strand.

Meanwhile, in the Sailing Club a working party was in progress. It was well attended and resulted in a great deal of reorganisation and a massive clear up of the boatyard. The Race followed the WP at 18.15. Late in the day but with plenty of sunshine and a blue sky but unfortunately very little wind. The lack of wind resulted in the programmed “B” course being changed to a short “A” with the start and finish line being Zoffany House.

Four dinghies were prepared to endure the light and fickle conditions.

The course was set by the OOD and Enoch Rodriguez and Dave Jones in the safety boat with the usual buoy positions for a short course.

James and David (LEV’s son) in Porpoise and Tim in Axoloti started well but Jane in Pacman struggled to find the wind at first but eventually moved forward. Lev in his unnamed Enterprise surprisingly got wedged on the bank at the start line. He soon got away, caught Jane and was then chasing James and Tim.

The first lap was expertly sailed by James and David in 6.18 mins followed by Tim at 10.39 and Lev 11.18. Jane followed at 21.30.

The race quickly settled into a pattern, the two Enterprises easily completing lap after lap but the slower Gulls struggling with the tide and lack of wind.

Tim eventually sailed to the Surrey Bank for a change of scenery and Jane spent time investigating a Willow Tree at Strand before visiting Kew Bridge. Well we have all experienced this, except for James. Both Tim and Jane eventually quit, sensibly deciding to take a tow and retire. Thanks Enoch and David for the Tow.

James and David continued to sail smoothly round the course, sweetly roll tacking along the Strand followed by Lev.

James and David completed 7 laps in 50.15 mins with Lev 5 Laps in 54.01mins

John Bull OOD