Hopefully someone will submit a proper eye-witness report of the event, but since Nick has been good enough to supervise the race and prepare the results I thought it best to publish as soon as possible.

It was our annual team-racing event against LCSC and SBSC and on paper it looks like a classic of its kind.  16 boats were out, 8 from Strand, 3 from South Bank, and 5 from Corinthians.  There was enough wind for 5 boats to do 5 laps, 5 boats to do 4 laps, and the slow boats to finish 2 laps.  Nick had the un-enviable job of keeping tabs on them all.

There are two team trophies at stake, one for SGSC v. LCSC and one for SGSC v. SBSC.  The results are computed on the sum of finishing positions of each of the pair of teams.  In the case of SGSC v. LCSC, as LCSC brought five boats upriver the sum of the finishing places of their 5 boats are compared with the sum of the first 5 Strand boats.  In the case of SGSC v. SBSC, the first 3 of Strandies were compared with SBSC’s three boats.

The end result was a decisive win for the home team for both trophies.  Three of the first four positions were taken by James Armitage, Dave and Sheila Berger, and Rob Collingwood, with Val from LCSC, in his Laser, in third position.  That gave the us a score line of 8 SGSC against 39 SBSC (lowest score wins) and 21 SGSC against 40 LCSC.