Race Report 21 April 2019


A race characterised by fickle light and dying winds and an increasingly strong Spring tide.  Only two marks were set, aiming (unsuccessfully) to keep the competitors clear of Kew Bridge.  As the river was still quite low at 15:30, the start was delayed for 15 minutes awaiting more water.

James’s and David Berger’s (on loan from Rob Collingwood) Enterprises both achieved prompt starts, but an almost immediate lull stranded the other four boats, putting them a lap behind.  After 40 minutes James had completed 4 laps and David two, but it was clear that the elements were now against us, and the race was ended at that point.  In fact nobody else managed to complete more than one lap, and ultimately the rescue boat was fully occupied retrieving stranded boats from the environs of Kew Bridge.


Tim Wellburn