Race Report 12th July 2020

Seven boats competed on a 2-buoy A course, the light breezes being deemed inadequate for the scheduled B course.

Ian, James and Alex all managed the first lap in just over 10 minutes, the rest of the field being slightly detained in the vicinity of the downstream mark.  

Ian and James each achieved a total of four laps, the latter taking Ian’s lead on the second; Alex and Chris managed three laps.  The other two boats retired in the face of too little wind or/or sail area.

The award for perseverance went to Chris who, surprising the race officers, determined to finish his third lap and, despite an almost complete lack of wind, managed to do so, setting the day’s endurance record.

The Gentleman of the Day award went to Ian for graciously letting Alex go ahead of him to cross the finishing line, only to have the wind fail a boat-length’s short of it, a piece of gallantry that cost him a further 6 minutes’ sailing.

Tim Wellburn