What an unexpected warm and sunny day for our race this Sunday! The Thames path was, as usual, filled with a cheerful crowd and at 13:00 five crews met at the Club ready to sail. Kirsty, who recently joined, courageously tried his new Solo but decided it was best to join the race another time. We therefore started with four boats and James Armitage and his crew, young Tamase, in Zephyr immediately took the lead.

Following Zephyr, a skilled Robert Adams with his Laser contended with Chris Greenwood and Felicia Bierkark in Chris’ Leader and proceed well ahead of them from the first lap. Nick Floyer in his Gull had an unfortunate start being trapped in the ropes of an abandoned inflatable dinghy but did not despair and beautifully set off at last. 

The race ended at about 3pm with James leading in 4 laps, followed by Robert, Chris and Felicia and finally Nick, who managed to run two laps in just over an hour.