A dry, but warm afternoon, D course. Variable wind conditions – SE 2 gusting 4.

Four boats assembled on the foreshore.

Felicia and daughter Tamina in Chris’s Leader and three lasers: Rob in Phoebe, Keith in Kaia and Toby (guest) in unnamed Ema’s boat. The boats rigged with Toby a welcomed visitor to Strand being kindly assisted by Rob.

All boats managed to make the start of the D course. Race commenced 12.45pm.

 A smart quick start was made with Felicia racing into the lead, on the Surrey Reach, closely followed by Rob and Keith and Toby. Unfortunately, Keith on the Middlesex Bank ran aground just after the Strand End Pier losing him ground.

All boats passed through Chiswick Bridge OK with Rob breaking into the lead.

Amazingly, through the Bridge the boats were astonished to be greeted by a seal. The race continued with the seal unconcerned by the boats. In fact Tim in the safety boat, approached the seal and entered into a one way conversation – but without a reply.

The race continued in the same order through Barnes Bridge and on to the downstream buoy which Tim had laid, wisely, just short of the Corinthian Sailing Club, opposite Chiswick Eyot.

With the wind gusting, both the Lasers of Toby and Keith capsized. Keith 5 times but managed to continue without a concern. Toby capsized once but a dry capsize, no problem.

After rounding the downstream buoy and recovering from the capsizes etc the race conditions were more favourable with the wind and tide with them back to Strand.

The race order remained the same back to Strand – Rob leading, followed by Felicia and Tamina with Toby and Keith at the rear. Everyone enjoyed the sail.

The stars were Felicia and Tamina, well sailed. Plus, of course Tim and the Seal.

The handicap calculations (below) gave the winners Handicap Points to Toby and Class and Polly Prize to Rob. Felicia was second in the Class and Polly points.

Next week is the last race of the season (an A-course) at 11:20, to be followed in traditional style by Beer and Bangers at around 14:00.   All are welcome.

John Bull (OOD)