Strong tide, light east wind, rain before the start and forecast, but did not happen during the race or the hour before.

OOD: Nick Floyer;   Safety Boat:  Keith Clarke. 

Only Rob Adams (Phoebe, Laser) and James Armitage (Zephyr, Enterprise) with Felicia Biekarck turned up to sail, but were determined to race.  Keith Clarke was ready to launch the safety boat, but James and Rob decided to go without.

The moored pontoon opposite the Zoffany House start line provided two buoys, one at each end, to make a very short A-course.

The racing was close to start with but soon James drew clear, completing 10 laps to Rob’s 8.

Nick Floyer, OOD

Next week it’s a D- Course (Hammersmith and back) starting at 15:20