A chilly start with a very slight breeze from upstream of Chiswick Bridge (according to the Met Office F1, gusting F3 from the SE). All six boats started at10:00 in a close group across the line racing intently. The race quickly split into two groups of three, but with James Armitage (Zephyr, Ent., sailing solo) leading significantly. Joe Armitage in the safety boat carefully chose the correct point to drop the buoy with the timing, perfect for the change in the tide. James rounded market first, followed by Rob Adams (Phoebe, Laser) in close contention after 30 minutes racing. He was followed by David Berger (Entre Nous, Ent., sailing solo); Chris Greenwood (Distant Thunder, Leader); Oliver and David Adams (Spinosaurus, Mirror), and finally Tim Young (Ait Knots, Wanderer).

Rob’s laser proved to be faster downwind chasing James with David, closing the gap in a chase. The Sun finally came out, and the temperature climbed to a more seasonable level. The leading three caught the breeze and the gap increase to several minutes from the last three in a group. The final run towards the finish line was extremely close with James overtaking Rob in the last 2 m to win by one second with David, only two seconds later for third.

The following group of three had continually changed places on the run towards the finish, but with Tim cruising across the line, some 13 minutes after James, followed closely by Oliver a few seconds later and Chris gamely bringing up the tail at one hour, 19 minutes and 50 seconds.

A good race in light winds, well-marked course by Joe, and close racing with a finish In glorious sunshine.

Keith Clarke, OOD

Next week is an A-course starting at 15:15.