As a result of previous D-courses (Hammersmith and back) the Committee had decided to advance the start time by 15 mins or so to make it easier to reach London Corinthians, our turning point. The message had not reached all concerned, or even the website, and so the race started later than intended.

Three boats rigged: James Armitage in his Enterprise crewed by Felicia, Rob Adams in his Laser, and Nick Jeffery in his Duckling, crewed by his daughter. As expected the Ent and the Laser led the way, but Tim Young in the safety boat wisely put a buoy down at St Nicholas’ to enable Nick to make it. As it happened the tide had turned before he got there but he was still able to complete the course.

James and Rob finished back at Strand after 74 and 78 minutes respectively, with Nick 3/4 hour later after just over 2 hours on the water.

Next week it’s an A-course starting at 14:40, and take note that the week after that, 25th September, South Bank Sailing Club are coming up to test our waters, and to enjoy post-race food and drink, so please turn up and give them a good race.