After a week with lots of rain, this Sunday was dry and overcast with a very light S to SSE wind said to be F2 at Kew Gardens. It added to a spring tide, which didn’t help on an A-course. We chose a short course starting at Zoffany House and hoped for the best.

Three boats turned out: the Browns in their Enterprise; Tim Young in his Wanderer; and Nick Floyer in his Gull. It should have been a beat down to the downstream mark (just above the grid) with a run back up to mark just downstream of the Bell and Crown, but the actual wind at river level was all over the place.

Unsurprisingly, the Enterprise took the lead and ended with 6 laps in the hour, followed by Nick with four laps and Tim with three. And the points mirrored those positions.

Thanks to Felicia for supervising the sailing and providing tea and biscuits afterwards, and to Chris who was on hand to ensure that no one drifted off under Kew Bridge. Fortunately no one was threatened with that fate.

Next week a contingent from the Club is away sailing on the Norfolk Broads but those not attending will have a D-course to challenge them, starting at 14:30.

And remember that on 25th September we are hosting South Bank Sailing Club for a race with a modest feast to follow.